The School of Etheric Healing - Healing Through Vibration and Energy
  Etheric Healing For Everyone

As human beings we are learning, experiencing, and testing ourselves as we learn about life and various concepts of be-ing.

Each of us is here to evolve and to integrate the experiences and lessons of life.  Through living our lives, loving, risking, and experiencing all things each of us  will gain the experience necessary to ensure our evolution toward spiritual, emotional, and mental maturity. 

I view Healing as a consciousness process rather than a diagnostic and treatment process!  The term "Etheric" comes from the word Ether.  It is defined as "the state between energy and matter." 

Etheric energy is also called bioplasma or orgone energy.  The Etheric Field is also called the Aura.  It is located around the body as well as within the body.   It functions as a blueprint or framework for the physical body.  It gives the body shape and form.   This Etheric Structure is an energy pattern of every cell, organ, muscle, and limb of the physical body.

"An etheric structure is a part of all forms in the physcal, material world.  The Earth has an Etheric Body which metaphysicians say creates the above, upon, and within aspects of Earth". 

The Etheric is  directly connected with the physical, and in metaphysics it is said to define as well as exhibit the state of wholeness and vibration and therefore the physical, emotional, and mental health of the individual.  

To me, the Etheric "Body" looks like a network of tiny energy lines.  It is a very beautiful web of light.  It follows the outline of the physical body serving as a bridge between the outer physical world and the inner energy worlds.   I also describe the etheric body as an energy matrix.  It is a precursor to the physical matter of the body.   Remember, the physical matter of the body tissues exists because of this energy, shaping and manifesting these structures as non-physical creation.  The Etheric form then anchors them within and around the physical matter it has defined.  Another way I explain this:  The Etheric is the divine thought manifesting the physical presence. 

The etheric energy connects us to the divine, absorbs the vital life force energy of the Universe and distributes this energy though the physical body.  It provides us continuous connection to "Spirit", and this is how we heal.  This process of Etheric flow creates consciousness.

The Etheric Energy manifests directly from the 3 Wills:  These are the Will of Humans, The Will of the Universe , and the Will of the Creator.   In Etheric Healing we harmonize our energetic vibration to these 3 Wills.  This allows for greater alignment with each individual's highest potential. 

Etheric Healing allows the body to heal naturally, moving toward a healthier and happier life.

The ego is said to be the source of human suffering.  I believe that it leads us to emotional and intellectual attachment and the illusion that our physical world and life is REALITY. Healing is the process of shifting vibration, clearing our unconscious resistance to light, bringing us to a state of awareness of our inner divinity.  

If we understand this definition then we realize that healing is a lifelong process. Life offers us ongoing experiences and challenges to evolve us, and often these experiences bring us an opportunity to heal ourselves and extend that healing to others sharing our experience.  The process of healing is similar to creating balance, it is not a static state and therefore healing requires constant mindfulness. To be healed is to live from a state of consciousness and emotion that can be described as "Joy” regardless of the outer state and experience.

Healing requires that we work with our awareness. We can do this by transmitting color or healing energy, balancing and clearing the aura, correcting the energy pathways, and/or  balancing the etheric energy field.  

I  teach several modalities beginning with simple and easy techniques - advancing to those that include small rituals and ceremony. I teach Ceremonial Healing because Ceremony evolves the consciousness and psychology quickly, resulting in enormous changes in awareness and therefore healing. The process of overcoming the negative ego is called Alchemy in the hermetic tradition, it is called Magick in shamanic traditions. 

The only healing that exists is self healing! We can only heal ourselves. A healer TEACHES another to heal themselves and holds the gates of energy open for that person to use as they will. The process of healing and teaching are inseparable and the Client eventually will become the healer taking on responsibility to teach others to heal themselves. The truth is that Healers require healing! The traditional modalities I teach allow the healer to heal at the same time they assist another by clearing energetic impediments to energy flow or resistance to light! 

Our Healing programs compliment traditional medical treatment and medication. These services and training programs are not offered as a replacement for appropriate medical care! Even though the philosophy we bring to healing is radically different than the philosophy of medicine, the techniques compliment medical care and do not interfere with traditional medical, pharmacological, and surgical approaches to healing!

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

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